All adult leaders must register as Rovers, and undergo an annual independent federal background check. Any adult who wishes to volunteer with the group, but not join as a leader/Rover, must also undergo a background check.

Rovers are the senior branch of BPSA scouting, intended for adults (18+) of all genders. As Robert Baden-Powell originally intended, there is no upper age limit, so anyone 18+ may join. The Rover motto is simply “Service,” and it is put into practice both in the group and the community. All BPSA section leaders are required to be registered as Rovers to provide them with a more solid background in Scouting.

The Rovering program is based upon two key works by B-P: Scouting for Boys and Rovering to Success. BPSA Rovers should familiarize themselves with both works, as well as our own Rover Handbook. All of these are available for free download below.


Rover Handbook – BPSA developed guide for Rover Scouts. Click here to order a coil-bound version.
Mini Guide to Rovering – BPSA’s short guide to scouting as a Rover
Scouting for Boys – external link to a PDF version. Also available in paperback.
Rovering to Success – external link to a PDF version
Gilcraft’s Rover Scouts – external link to a PDF version

Uniforms and Badges:

Rover Uniform – The current official uniform shirt & cap for all Rover Scouts/Section Leaders.
Hats – Rovers may choose to wear the traditional campaign-style hat (recommended) or a green beret.
Rover Badges & Awards – Must be ordered by GSMs, RSLs, or RSMs ONLY.

Photo by Ethan Jewett, 55th Cascadia